The Best Products for Curly Hair

The Best Products for Curly Hair

Some want you to believe that curly hair is super-complicated and needs to be categorized with advanced algebra. Yes, curls require some TLC, but the best products are made with you in mind and make curl care as easy as any other – because they help hair stay healthy. Curls only get complicated when they get compromised.

Conscious Cleansing

Hair depends on your natural oils to moisturize and reduce frizz. But curls create natural barriers to sebum on its way down the hair shaft, which is why dry ends are so common.

Curly people know from experience that traditional shampoo is problematic. It creates frizz, disrupts the pattern, and saps moisture. Some people choose not to wash their hair at all and only rinse with water. Some swear by co-washing, also referred to as co-poo, or simply using conditioner to wash. (Then there’s cleansing conditioner. Anyone confused? Join the club.) Others practice “reverse shampooing” and apply conditioner or oil before shampooing so less of the natural oils are stripped away, But all of these options can leave hair looking dirty and feeling heavy.

In a separate camp are people who use baking soda and/or vinegar. This is NOT a good idea! Baking soda is far too alkaline for the body. Vinegar has a low pH but very few benefits aside from helping to remove mineral buildup, and the idea that it closes up the cuticle to add shine is a myth.

The best alternative is a completely detergent-free one. Hairstory New Wash revolutionizes hair cleansing through a complex formula of essential oils and Aloe Vera that preserves the power of natural oils and remove only the things you don’t want. The best part? You can use New Wash as often as you like without sapping moisture or waiting for that perfect hair moment days after washing. If you just can’t get enough moisture, try New Wash (Rich) with extra conditioning abilities.

Master Moisture

Curls need leave-in conditioners, moisturizers, and sealers. Some people with thicker, tighter curls swear by the LOC method – leave-in conditioner, oil, and cream – layered onto damp hair to help protect, moisturize and soften. But there’s a product that conditions, is made with essential oils, and comes in a cream form: Hairstory Hair Balm is the one thing (aside from New Wash) our curly clients can’t live without. It leaves hair super-soft, with no crunchy feeling. Curly girls really hate crunch. Right?

Applying your products when hair is wet efficiently distributes them and lead to less frizz later – those oils form a barrier that keeps water in (like moisturizing your body right after a shower.) Rub products all over your hands as you would when using hand lotion so that when you run your fingers through your curls you’ll get an even coating.

A neat trick is to add about 10 pumps of Hair Balm to a spray bottle filled with a cup of water, Shake really well and spritz whenever you need moisture or want to quickly reactivate or scrunch your curl.

Taking the Heat

Air-drying is your best bet natural-looking curl. Hair dryers, irons, or rollers can leave hair dry, damaged, and more frizz-prone. Minimize your use of hot tools, and take precautions when you do. Always use a hair protectant first such as Hairstory Dressed Up. Much less risky is diffusing hair on the cool setting to boost shine and minimize frizz. Try it with your head flipped over and scrunch at the same time to create bounce and volume. Read all about safe heat styling here.

Tidying Up

Try Hairstory's hair pomade, Wax, to help define your hairline and corral baby hairs and fuzzy bits. Try, and to get really detailed, use a toothbrush. Warming Wax keeps it workable longer, and a little dab will usually do.

* * *

Curls are expressive, organic, and one of your unique qualities. The minute you decide they’re a blessing rather than a curse, an asset rather than a burden, you can relax (or stop relaxing chemically). Accepting what nature gave you – and using what Hairstory made for you are the first steps to the curls of your dreams.

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