Protective Hairstyles to Wear to the Beach

Protective Hairstyles to Wear to the Beach

There are few better ways to spend a gorgeous day than at the beach. However, as much as you might love the sun and saltwater, your hair definitely does not, especially if your hair has a natural curl, coil, or kink. Hair loves to drink up any moisture it’s given, which is why humid weather wreaks havoc on curls but also why hair moisturizing products work so well. Even if you don’t get in the water your hair will be exposed to salty air which can turn it dull, brittle, and difficult to style. If you have curly or kinky hair that resists your daily hair routine, this could ruin a relaxing day. However, if you style your hair before stepping onto the sand, you can minimize both the damage and the stress.

Please make this opening paragraph more substantial. We know what the beach is; we may not know the challenges that curly people face.

Protective Beach Hairstyles

Before you make plans for your next beach day, make sure to moisturize your hair before-hand and create a protective hairstyle to wear at the beach. Trust us, your hair will thank you.

Easy Flat Twist

This is a hairstyle that you can do at home but it can be time-consuming due to all the sectioning and twisting. If you love this style but don’t have the time to do it yourself, head to your hairstylist. Otherwise, start by sectioning off your hair into seven to twenty parts around your head, depending on the pattern and size of twists you want. Once sectioned, start with the hair around your face, then work your way toward the back of your head while adding some Wax


  • To begin, grab the hair at the top of the section and start to tightly twist it. Once it is held tight, take the next lock of hair beneath the first, pull it over the twisted lock, then work it into the twisted lock. As you move down your scalp, grab more hair along the way to twist in and keep the style close to the scalp. To secure the ends, you can either use an elastic, a coiled piece of hair to create a Bantu knot, or let the hair fly free. 

Mini Braids

Mini braids are like the easy flat twist, but the sections are smaller, and instead of twisting your hair, you braid it. Finish the braids the same way too; either by letting them fly free, with an elastic, or using hair to create a Bantu knot. This also requires some skill, so there’s no shame in calling on a braiding specialist.


Halo Braids

Start by parting your hair down the middle. Begin by Dutch braiding (hair is braided under, creating a raised braid) your hair on one side, starting at the part, and follow your hairline all the way down your face and across the back of your neck, and up the opposite side of your face. Keep braiding until you get to your part. Once you reach the part, grab a chunk of hair behind your Dutch braid and braid it normally, securing the end with an elastic. Wrap the free braid around the Dutch braid and hide the tail under the Dutch braid with a bobby pin. Sound too complicated? You know who to call.


Double French Braids

Double French braids are the easiest to do on our list. Simply part your hair down the middle, French braid each side, and voila! No matter what style you choose for your beach day hair starts with clean, moisturized, and detangled hair for best results. The best and easiest way to achieve all 3? New Wash by Hairstory does it all in one step. And it’s detergent-free so it cleans without stripping your hair of its natural, protective oil so you can wear your best, protective hairstyles.