The I-don’t-care Guide to Summer Haircare

The I-don’t-care Guide to Summer Haircare

Summer is here, and so are the usual reams of summer haircare articles that assume you’ve never seen the season before. But this article might just surprise even those who have managed to survive dozens of summers with hair intact.


Life is too short not to enjoy everything summer makes possible, namely getting our bodies and minds out of doors and into wilder spaces. So we’re going to venture out on a slightly creaky limb here and silence the usual alarmist tone that insists you protect, protect, protect your hair… we’re going to urge you to throw caution to those wonderfully warm winds and live a little!

The elements don’t have to enemies to your hair. Why not let the wind whip through it? Why not let it go golden in the sun’s rays? Mermaids don’t wear caps, and they’re famous for their flow. When was the last time you saw a surfer wearing a hat? We all live under such clouds of fear these days; it’s time to let some fun shine through.

Cut & Color

Summer is not the time to get precious about your hair. There’s plenty of time for that when the back-to-school vibe begins and daylight wanes. But some preparation is in order: the key to carefree hair is starting off with a serious talk at the salon and asking for a low-maintenance, highly casual cut, and artful color that keeps your daredevil-ish plan in mind.

Some people can do with a little damage. Wait, what? Hear us out here: Fine hair that tends to go limp actually perks up a bit in response to bleach or heat; the cuticles lift just enough to plump it up and give some extra body. Rest assured that we’re not suggesting an all-out hair-fry here, rather a little bit of extra “texture” can go a long way.

Wash & Wear

Now is a good time to pare down your products to the bare essentials, and proper cleansing should be your number-one priority. By proper, we mean using a method that keeps your natural moisture balance intact, and conditions while it cleans – which means taking traditional shampoo off the menu entirely.

With 3 choices of levels of cleansing and conditioning levels, the New Wash family of products is the summer lover’s dream clean (and offers something for any member of your family): one product versus two (shampoo + conditioner); instantly tangle-free results; the slightly cooling effect of Peppermint oil, and a sophisticated scent that transports you to a rose garden anytime.

Moisture & Texture

Second, you need an all-purpose moisturizing creme that also helps smooth out frizz and offers you some styling options when you need to look more groomed: Hair Balm is the perfect choice to direct hair where you want it to go without resorting to a blow-dryer. (Who wants more heat?) And, you can use it for a sleek, combed-back resort look a la St. Tropez. Face it: you’re going to wear a bun most days anyway, right?

And you must get Undressed, the texturizing spray that'll capture beach-worthy curls all summer long. That’s the name of the summer game, after all, and what we call this amazing spray (Déshabille en Français) that captures the seaside spirit, even in the office. Inspired by surf sprays that add grit, Undressed is a no-salt alternative that builds body and creates a low-glow finish that’s indescribably soft and light. It also seems to make natural wave patterns magically take shape – or you can use its holding properties to create waves with twists or braids. It’s the perfect way to look intentionally casual and sexily mussed-up.

• • •

These are our summer wishes for you: Less worry, more play. Less work, more pleasure. Less time cooped up and more time in the great outdoors – and knowing that your hair looks great no matter what.