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How to Get Dressed Up – and Style with Hot Tools

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Heat can do wonderful things to hair like adding wave or curl where there is none, or smoothing it away for straighter strands. But heat can also do terrible things to hair – dry it out, and make it rough and brittle. 

Both are reasons to use a styling product that helps you achieve and hold the shape you desire while protecting your hair from the tools you use. That is what Dressed Up was designed to be: the perfect companion to take your heat-styling to the next level and keep your hair safe and in prime condition.

Here are some tips for styling with Dressed Up (our hair protectant balm), your curling iron or blow-dryer to get the best results. Success, however, is in your hands, literally – applying the product properly is key. To make sure your hair is evenly coated, evenly coat your hands too. Pump out a dollop, and work it over your palms and through your fingers as you would hand lotion. Then comb your fingers through your hair; repeat if it’s especially long or thick.


  • Work a dime-sized amount of Dressed Up through damp hair from roots to ends.
  • Blow dry to smooth and even out the texture.
  • Section off top layers of hair and clip away.
  • Using a medium-to-large barrel curling iron, section hair the width of the iron and wrap to curl. Front sections should be wrapped away from the face, while sides and back wrap in the opposite direction.
  • Unclip the top section and continue. Remember to place the iron at the middle of each section, not the root.
  • Let curls cool to set – roughly ten minutes.
  • Take a wide-tooth comb or pick and run it through curls from the bottom up.


  • Apply a dime size amount of Dressed Up to damp hair from mid-length to ends.
  • Rough blow-dry hair with hands. For more volume, flip your head upside down and completely dry roots.
  • Section off top layers of hair and clip away.
  • Use a paddle brush for straight to wavy hair or a brush with tighter bristles for curls; section hair and place brush underneath sections; aim the blow-dryer on top. Move both the brush and nozzle down to the ends, and repeat. Always aim the nozzle toward the ends to keep things smooth.
  • Unclip the top and repeat; work from the crown towards the front. As you get to the ends, remove the brush and blow-dryer and let the hair fall.
  • When finished, use your fingers to find a natural part.


    • Apply a dime-size amount of Dressed Up on damp hair from mid-length to ends.
    • Section off top layers of hair and clip away.
    • Separate sections of hair roughly the width of a large round brush. Use the brush to guide hair while aiming the blow-dryer on top and toward the ends. When you gett close to the ends, pause and roll them around the brush and heavy briefly. Repeat with each section until smooth.
    • Put the dryer down and wrap each section of hair around the brush and hold until cool to lock in the rounded shape. Alternatively, roll and clip until cool.
    • Unclip the top section and repeat the previous steps. Work from crown to front.
    • Move hair around to find a part that looks best.