Hairstory - How to Add Volume to Your Hair Without Heat

Hairstory - How to Add Volume to Your Hair Without Heat

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Wondering how to naturally add volume to your hair? Whether you have fine hair or thick hair, flat or lifeless hair is a struggle that many people face. Unfortunately, many of the common volumizing solutions involve some sort of heat or chemically based volume products, all of which will damage your hair to some extent.  At Hairstory, we believe it is best to start at the scalp to provide more natural volume for your hair. We'll be going over a few solutions to make your hair look voluminous naturally. Read on to find out what might work for you.


Ensure Your Hair is Getting What it Needs to Thrive

Just like every other part of our bodies, our hair needs certain supplements and nutrients to thrive. It might not be something you’ve thought of before but giving your hair the nourishment it needs is important not only to add volume to your hair naturally but also for keeping it healthy and lively. Hairstory New Wash provides the right cleansing balance to ensure your hair and scalp are free from stripping detergents – which automatically means free of sulfates – and conditions thoroughly without weighing your hair down and suppressing volume.


Change Your Part

Knowing how to add volume to your hair naturally doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t always need to involve hair volume products. Sometimes, it can be as simple as switching up your part. Your hair has a grain, or growth pattern, and when you go against the grain, the roots will lift rather than laying flat when going with the grain.


Use the Right Products

Our recommended way to add volume without heat is to start with a wash using our cleansing cream Hairstory Original New Wash – which cleanses with a blend of Aloe Vera and essential oils with essential oils instead; then while hair is wet, spritz a liberal amount of Hairstory Undressed Hair Texturizing Spray, our salt-free sea spray, evenly on your hair letting air dry for voluminous beachy waves.  If your hair is dry or a day after washing, we highly recommend our talc-free Hairstory Powder Dry Shampoo that instanting creates volume when applied and massaged into roots. 

Now you should have a much better idea of how to add volume to your hair naturally and what you may need to add to your hair care routine to encourage more volume.