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obé fitness x Hairstory

To celebrate a new year and help our customers have a healthier one, we’ve partnered with obé, an online fitness platform to offer Hairstory customers a free 1 month trial of online classes with the purchase of any Hairstory product through 01/31. 

With over 20 live classes daily led by NYC’s best instructors and over 5,000 on-demand classes to choose from, the obé experience “makes showing up every day something you want to do, not have to do,” and will get you moving right in your living room.


We asked obé founder, Ashley Mills, a few questions to help you get started and get familiar with the company.

How has obé evolved over the past year?

We always put our members first and listen to their feedback. When COVID hit in March, we were able to preemptively discuss ways to offer our community more. We launched kids’ programming, senior programming, and meditation. Most recently, we launched friending and Workout Parties, so our community can connect directly on obé. You can now take any live or on-demand class with up to 7 friends. This has been such a meaningful way to evolve with our ever-evolving situation.

What do you see as the relationship between fitness, wellness, and beauty?

We believe that beauty is within. Our mission is to bring people happiness through movement every day. What’s more beautiful than a smile?

How can people motivate themselves to actually get moving while at home?

If you’re used to attending group fitness classes, motivating yourself to break a sweat in your living room can be challenging. Our favorite tips and tricks to get started include:

  • Start somewhere! Even if it’s a 10-minute class, once you see how easy it is to work out at home, you will be hooked.
  • Designate space within your home that serves as your personal “gym.” Keep any workout equipment close by.
  • Get dressed! Putting on a workout outfit and sneakers will inspire you to give your all.
  • Add your daily workout to your calendar! If you schedule your class and make it part of your day, you’re less likely to skip it.

Instructors must see you as a career-saving grace as in-person classes are suspended. How do you select teachers?

obé instructors are all very special people, and so many of them have been with us since day one. We look out for those who are the most sought after and at the top of their industry as far as passion, dedication, and skill. We come from a talent management background, so we are also looking for entertainers – those who can capture an audience immediately and hold their own on camera.

Describe your typical obé user/member.

The breadth of our class offering and the diversity of our members directly correlate. We offer fitness classes that span Yoga & Pilates to HIIT and Bootcamp, with special programming for pre/postnatal moms, seniors, and kits. Our membership is national in the USA and Canada. Over the past year, we have definitely seen a lot of co-viewership, meaning couples and families tuning in together.

Many of your classes are 28 minutes long. Why is this optimal?

28 minutes fit even the busiest of schedules and give you enough time to go all-in and full-out to get an effective yet efficient sweat.

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Tune in and work out at obefitness.com