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New Wash isn’t just a hair cleanser. It’s a way of life. Get into the habit of having iconic, healthy hair every day.

The first-of-its-kind, custom formula washes, conditions, nourishes, detangles, and repairs your hair and scalp–all in one step.

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“My hair feels much softer and healthier. I'm never going back to regular shampoo and conditioner!”

Micaela M | Verified Customer

“Definitely hooked on New Wash – and never going back to a regular shampoo! Trying to convert everyone I know!”

Brittany K | Verified Customer

“Cleans and moisturizes, and air dries with volume. I’m sorry, what?!?!? Would definitely recommend!”

Lauren M | Verified Customer

“New Wash is in a category all by itself. My hair is clean, soft and tangle free. I can’t believe I don’t need conditioner.”

Deborah E | Verified Customer

New Wash Original

The original cleansing cream for all hair types—like shampoo, but actually good for your hair.