How To Grow Thicker Hair

How To Grow Thicker Hair

Do you dream about having longer, stronger, and thicker hair? Do you have thin and limp strands that you are at your wit's end with when it comes to styling and creating lasting volume? Trust us when we say that you are not alone!

When it comes to hair goals, one of the most common ones that we hear is that both men and women alike want to grow thicker hair but aren’t entirely sure what they can do – or if it’s even possible. We’ll we’ve got a secret for you – not only is it possible, but we can tell you how! Below, we’ll let you in on our top three things that you can start doing today to transform your hair.

Trim Your Hair More Frequently

We know what you’re thinking… isn’t cutting your hair counterintuitive? Believe it or not, getting frequent trims helps your hair grow longer and thicker. The reason is because the ends of our hair are typically the most damaged. When hair is damaged, it breaks off and stretches out, which makes your strands thinner and shorter. When you get a trim every six to eight weeks, you remove the damaged ends, which prevents the damage from traveling up your hair. You don’t need to take a lot off either, you can do a half inch to an inch too.


Change Your Style

If you’ve been struggling to add length, thickness, and volume to your hair, reconsider your style. Chopping off a few inches and going with a new do is a great way to get rid of all your damaged ends, remove dead weight off of your locks, and freshen up your hair. Shorter hair instantly makes your hair look and feel thicker and gives you a clean slate for your hair!


Use the Right Products

The products that you use on your hair truly matter. Traditional shampoos and conditioners strip and dry out your hair, which leads to weak and brittle hair prone to breakage. New Wash is an innovative hair wash formula that isn’t shampoo, yet it still cleans and conditions your hair. It won’t strip your hair or scalp and makes your hair softer and more manageable. What more could you ask for in a hair wash?


If you’re ready to finally achieve your hair goals and grow thicker hair, change your Hairstory today.