Proper Salon Etiquette

Proper Salon Etiquette

Good relationships require a little give and take from both parties. You always expect your stylist and salon to be clean and professional, so they expect some courtesies from you too. When you go in to sit back, relax, and get pampered, be aware of proper salon etiquette as a way to show you appreciate the time dedicated to making you look and feel great. Here are some salon etiquette tips every client should know.

Be on time

Try to show up 15 minutes prior to your appointment time, and if you think you’re going to be late, call ahead and let the stylist know.

Be considerate

Don’t come in you’re sick, don’t bring your children, don’t talk on your phone during your appointment, and if you must reschedule, do so at least 24 hours in advance.

Be prepared

If you have a general idea of what you want done, feel free to bring in photos of the look you’re going for or create a Pinterest board to share with your stylist. Just make sure you’re being realistic with your expectations and consider your hair length and texture. If you’re completely open to something new, that’s okay too. Just be prepared to be clear about what your deal-breakers may be, such as bangs.

Be honest

If you don’t like the color or style, or you’re not satisfied, tell your stylist as soon as possible, and always let them know within a week of your appointment.

Be generous

Make sure you tip at least 20% for their service and let your stylist know how much you love your new look! A thank you goes a long way. Many salons, however, are moving away from tipping altogether and adjusting their prices accordingly to avoid the confusion that the subject of tipping often creates. Be sure to check what your salon’s policy is, and don’t be afraid to discuss it transparently.


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