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Passive Income Sources for Hairdressers

Hairdressers are the ultimate influencers. Your influence can translate into income when you set yourself up to recommend the products you use and love.

Your customers are always on the lookout for experts to help them make sound decisions when trying something new.

Let’s face it; you only have so many hours in the day to charge for services; how amazing would it be to make extra money while you sleep? That ‘you snooze, you earn’ principle is what passive income strategies are all about.

This kind of income isn’t pocket change, either. It can mean boosting your bottom line enough to pay for important things such as education, business expansion, an assistant, a down payment, or a fantastic vacation (because we all need one of those) – all by selling hair products to your clients.

Salon retailing, however, does not always mean selling in person.

Selling Hairstory Products

Here are a few of the opportunities to put your hard-earned expertise and unfailing good taste to work as a hairdresser:

Amazon Associates Program

Bloggers, publishers, and content creators with a qualifying website or mobile app can enjoy an opportunity to share products and programs on Amazon through customized links they provide that allow you to earn money on resulting purchases and more.

Learn more here.

Amazon Influencer Program

One option for passive income strategies for hairstylists is joining the Amazon influencer program. If you market yourself as a hairdresser on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook – and these accounts meet certain metrics of engagement – you may qualify for your own page on Amazon with an exclusive URL to showcase what you recommend to your followers and earn money on their purchases.

Learn more here.

Online Product Sales

Product retail is no longer limited to an in-person transaction as a part of services or even to selling through your website. If you are a hairstylist, consider representing products made by a company that equips you with custom links for online sales.

Here at Hairstory, for example, hairdressers and beauty professionals get the perfect opportunity with a 25% commission rate and long-term rewards. You can still earn commission from any client you introduce the products to even when they leave your salon, go to the Hairstory website directly, or head to Amazon. Our biggest earners are currently earning around $24,000 per month for their digital efforts.

Jayne Matthews, co-owner of Edo Salon San Francisco and Oakland earned enough in commissions in a single month to pay the rent on one of her salons, according to a report on how hairdressers fared during the pandemic by Forbes. “It’s been a huge relief,” says Matthews. “This is the best way to make revenue without any work. It expands on itself and becomes effortless.”


Selling online – whether through affiliate links such as the Hairstory method or steering followers to purchase elsewhere – requires some savvy about your online presence and the various platforms that you use. It is possible to provide access to everything you are putting out in the world by connecting all of your content with one link. Linktree, the “launchpad to your latest video, article, recipe, tour, store, website, social post,” helps “brands, artists, publishers, agencies and influencers better control their presence online” by serving as a digital business card to monitor performance and capture email addresses – and email addresses are considered marketing gold.

The app became popular to get around the “one link” rule on Instagram by creating a branded landing page that you add multiple links to, then add the page link to your Instagram bio. But Instagram may mark some Linktree links as spam which causes the link in your Instagram bio to be blocked and no longer clickable.

There’s an alternative, however:

If you have a website, create an Instagram Landing Page.

Customize an Instagram Landing Page with your branding, image, bio, navigation, and more for a reliable option to track data, conversions, Facebook Pixels, or retargeting. Even if you aren’t using Linktree in your Instagram bio, it’s a good idea for every online business to have one.

Increasing your revenue requires a mix of conditions and actions. You may be busy with a high enough utilization to raise your prices. You might add extra hours to your schedule. You might be looking to slash expenses. All of those actions might help the extra cash flow in, but don’t dismiss the affiliate link as a simple retail innovation that can move that money needle like nothing else.