Our Top 9 Tutorial Videos for Barbers

Our Top 9 Tutorial Videos for Barbers

YouTube is many things to many people, and to hairdressers, it is an invaluable source of information, inspiration, and connection to a global industry. Mathew Alexander, a salon owner in London, England says, “There isn't a day that goes by when I'm not looking at tutorials on YouTube to see what other people are doing.

Any tool that can teach us to improve our skills is invaluable, and I say, get it where you can. There's a richness there if we choose to chase it.” The challenge, however, is weeding and watching your way through thousands of videos from the most technical to the most sensational (think blowtorch). So to help you stay focused on the most useful, here are our top nine tutorials in the barbering category.

How to Fade Hair for Beginners

The4thken has some great tricks up his sleeves for creating an incredible fade. The real joy of watching this video is discovering that all of these skills are in such young (15-year-old) hands. His commentary is informative, authentic, funny and energetic, making this a great video.

Anybody Can Fade

Mr. Eddie Barber from Youtube Barber Academy explains everything about executing a perfect fade: The best way to hold clippers with guards for the best results, and how important it is to complete each step thoroughly. His passion for barbering and teaching make this easy and informative to watch.

Understanding Detachable Blades

This a great video for learning about detachable blades vs guards, how they compare and how they differ – important information for any aspiring barber to understand.

Basic Clipper Cutting

In this video, the Nomadbarber explains the basics of using guards, as well as the clipper-over-comb technique. He focuses on one side, which allows him to explain in detail how to transition from guards to clipper, and how to detail. This video is great for anyone new to clippers.

How to Cut a Razor Faded Pompadour

The Razor Fade Pompadour is one the ten haircuts featured on the Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier's tutorial DVD. They're not saying it's the ONLY way; they're not saying it's the BEST way, they just want to show you the Scumbag way of barbering.

High Skin Fade with Hard Side Part / Cut and Grind

Hats off to Davide over at Cut and Grind for mastering this extremely technical skin fade, hard-parted, high-top haircut. He freehands the initial line for the skin fade, then tapers it into the high-top shape. He then goes over the exposed skin with an electric razor to get a nice, crisp shave. Finally, Davide uses a straight blade to shape and blend the hard part.

Fade vs. Taper: What’s the Difference?

Never know how to ask for your haircuts? Don't know the difference between a Fade and a Taper? You're in luck! Here is all you need to know.

Morris Motley X Rory Pierce Undercut Haircut Tutorial

Rory's look is a versatile, modern, layered undercut.

How to Fade an Undercut Step by Step - The Salon Guy

Rob, the model, gets a nice faded undercut, and a cleaned-up top section ready to grow out.