Hair Volume: 10 tips for fine-haired folks

Hair Volume: 10 tips for fine-haired folks

Damn that gravity! It keeps making things droop when you really want them to rise – as fine hair can. If adding hair volume to your story is a glamour goal, you’ve come to the right place for tips, tricks, and hair styling products that won’t let you down. Keep reading to find out how to add volume to fine hair!


Wondering how to add volume to fine hair? The root of most solutions is, well, at the roots. Let’s start in the shower. Rule number 1: Keep it clean (hair, that is). Oils, whether from your scalp or from hair products are only going to weigh your hair down. This includes moisturizing treatments or masques, which you should apply to your driest lengths away from your scalp. New Wash is a detergent-free cleanser that offers the perfect combination of cleansing and conditioning so you’ll never have to mess with those heavy cremes.


Once you’re out of the shower, pay careful attention to how you dry your wet hair. A blow-dryer can be the fine-haired person’s best friend (or enemy if you don’t use it safely).

First, use a protective lotion: Skeptics may be wondering, "does heat protectant work?" The answer is yes - not only will it prevent heat damage but it will also help build a foundation for volume! Dressed Up is a perfect choice with everything you’d typically use a volumizing mousse for, without the stickiness and heaviness. Work it through your hands thoroughly until smooth, then into the hair from mid-shaft to the ends, then work what remains toward the roots; massage it in and comb it through. This anti-mousse helps protect your hair from damaging effects such as split ends or the loss of hair pigments.

Try this: simply bend over and lower your head so that hair hangs down in front of your face, and direct the air flow from roots to tips. Then, after hair is 60 percent dry, stand upright and continue to blow-dry while lifting the roots. Gather hair above your ears and pull it toward the ceiling. Heat the roots for about 10 seconds, then hold hair in place until it’s cool (or use the cool air setting). Push strands to one side of your head, and blow dry the roots again; switch sides and repeat. This hairstyle is sure to give you that "just woke up" curly hair that everyone longs for.


For a volume boost while you snooze, wash your hair at night, then use a scrunchie, tie, or band and pull damp hair into a topknot or a cluster of buns twisted upward and away from your face. Unwrap in the a.m. and you’re good to go.


For a natural-looking voluminous hairstyle, place pins in wet hair at intervals along your part or anywhere to create some shape and lift, and allow hair to dry naturally or with a blow dryer before removing them. To prevent dents, use non-crease pins with added material to spread the pressure, or add a thin layer of tissue or cotton.


 Hair grows with a “grain” or a whorl (clockwise or counter-) starting at the crown and spiralling around your head (and down the rest of your body too). When you style with the grain, hair tends to lay flatter; go against the grain, however, and hair may lift away from the scalp. Try parting hair on the side you don’t usually wear one and see what happens.



Another product option for building shape at the root when blow-drying is called, appropriately, Lift. Start with damp hair, and keeping the bottle about 16 inches away, focus primarily at the roots but allow it to distribute to the mids. Pre-dry with a couple of passes of the brush. Build shape first with your fingers, and then create whatever shape you want with a brush.

Less hair? less product. Be more generous with bleached, double-processed (and more absorbent) hair. If you have fine or flat hair, a light mist will do.


Powder is a great option going big or putting hair up – and can create longer-lasting volume than hairspray for any hair type. In the past, you’d have to backcomb, but Powder creates the same effect without all that teasing – and creates some “grip” to help pins and clips stay put. Read on for more tips on how to use dry shampoo!

Lift sections of hair up to create some space, then puff at the roots, or put Powder on your fingertips and work it in that way. Softly massage it through with your hands and shake lightly for even distribution. You can also work with the head upside-down and shake hair to reach the mid-lengths.


Pop in some rollers on the “mohawk” section of your head to get lift at the root (work some Dressed Up through damp hair first) then put your diffuser attachment on your dryer and heat them and then blast with cold air to set.


Long hair may just be adding to the gravity of the situation – literally – by weighing you down. A haircut that releases weight from thicker hair will free the roots to stand taller.


Changing your hair color has added benefits besides just wanting a new hairstyle.Bleach will add hair texture and volume to fine hair. We don’t normally advocate damage of any kind, but in this case, bleach will roughen up the cuticle a bit and swell your strands without having to do much else.

Just keep this in mind when you feel volume-challenged: Hair can be a grass-is-greener situation and people with abundantly coarse, thick hair are often trying as hard to contain theirs as you are trying to expand yours. Just remember that bigger isn’t necessarily better – and sleek can be downright chic.

Now that you know how to add volume to fine hair, check out some of our other blogs such as "What is Sulfate Free Shampoo," to help you with your picture-perfect hairstyle today!