Protective Bedtime Hairstyles

Protective Bedtime Hairstyles

When it comes to getting your beauty sleep, your skin isn’t the only thing we’re talking about. While you’re tucked in and (hopefully) clocking eight blissful hours of sleep, it’s important to make sure that your hair is protected and is getting its beauty rest too. Swapping out your pillowcase for one made of silk and putting your hair into a protective hairstyle before bed are two of the most important things that you can do to protect your hair from breakage, prevent frizz, and style your hair sans heat, all while sleeping.

The best ways to style your hair before hitting the sack are:

The Twisted Top Bun

The twisted top bun is perfect for straight hair because it doesn’t create kinks or waves and keeps your hair nice and straight while you sleep. To create it, loosely twist all of your hair on the top of your head and secure it with a gentle hair tie, like a silk hair tie, or a claw clip, placed at the front of your head, so it doesn’t bother you while sleeping.

The Twisted Rope Braid

This protective style gives your soft waves. To create it, separate your hair into two sections. Grabbing one section at a time, tightly twist your hair. After both sides are twisted, twist them together tightly so that your hair resembles a rope and secure with a gentle hair tie.

The Loose Plait

The loose plait is one of the easiest protective hair styles to do! You simply braid your hair together – the tighter the braid, the wavier your hair will be in the morning – and secure with a hair tie, and voila! All set for bed.

Wash with New Wash

No matter which hairstyle you choose to protect your locks before bed, make sure that you’re washing with New Wash from Hairstory. New wash isn’t shampoo – it keeps your hair healthy, clean, and conditioned, makes your hair ultra-soft and manageable, and it doesn’t strip your hair or scalp.


New Wash protects your hair no matter what time of day it is. Are you ready to change your Hairstory?