How to Care for Hair Extensions

How to Care for Hair Extensions

Whether you’re looking to add length, or volume, or simply switch up your style, one of the best – and fastest – ways to transform your hair is by adding hair extensions. Hair extensions give you the flexibility to reach your hair goals faster, but without proper care, and extensions you’ll have spent all that time and money in vain.


How to Care for Hair Extensions

If you have hair extensions or are thinking of adding some, good upkeep is key to making sure your hair stays healthy and the extensions beautiful. The following are the best things that you can do to care for your hair.

Replace your extensions regularly

Regardless of what type of extensions you have in your hair (sewn in, clipped in, fusion, pre-bonded, or single-strand), a rule of thumb is to replace them every six to eight weeks, and wear them no longer than three months.


Always brush your extensions carefully

If you brush your hair regularly, do so gently, and be mindful of not brushing too close to where your extensions are attached to avoid accidentally ripping them out. Invest in a quality hairbrush and when you come across tangles, avoid hair breakage and pulling at your extensions by starting to brush from the bottom and working your way up.


Minimize heat styling

Heat damages hair, so do what you can to minimize heat styling. Air dry your hair a couple of times a week and use Hair Balm to restore moisture and revive over-processed hair. Or, update your washing schedule to add an extra day between washing and styling so you can avoid using heat tools too frequently. When you do heat style, always use a heat protection lotion in your hair before taking an iron or blow dryer to it, such as Dressed Up.


Wash your extensions correctly

Don’t be afraid to wash your extensions, but don’t over-wash either. When washing your hair, skip the shampoo! Traditional detergent-based cleansers can be damaging to both your extensions and natural hair which is why you should choose a cleansing cream that is gentler on your hair and scalp, like New Wash. New Wash never over-cleans your hair and eliminates the need for conditioner, all without the use of toxic detergents.


Never go to bed with wet extensions

Wet hair is weak hair because it is more elastic and easily stretches to its breaking point . When we sleep, we toss and turn, which can lead to hair pulling and breaking. Opt for morning showers or wash your hair earlier in the evening.


Keep your natural hair and extensions clean, moisturized and manageable with the New Wash from Hairstory, and change your hair story today!