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The next time you advise a client to shampoo less often, imagine washing without shampoo at all.

Detergent is the best way to f*** up hair.

Detergent-free New Wash is the best way to save it.

Simply put: No detergent means no sulfates, no parabens, no foam… and no need for a separate conditioner.  

New Wash improves clients’ hair – and enhances hairdressers’ work.

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Major brands erect major barriers for small business:
Dozens of SKUs; new releases every month; exorbitant buy-ins.

Hairstory welcomes the independent entrepreneur:
One cleanser; three versatile styling products; opening orders at $400, tops.

Big is bull. Less is more.

The old way: Clients buy once in person but make repeat purchases online.
You lose commissions.

The Hairstory way: Clients buy in person and online.
You earn commissions either way.

Earning commissions on client sales whenever and however they buy?
That’s amazing.

Referring other hairdressers and earning commissions whenever and however they buy and sell?
That’s genius.

If you were referred by a hairdresser...

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If you’d like to hear what our CEO, Eli Halliwell, thinks about the future of the hair industry, you can read his blog here.

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