“Hair that isn’t being mistreated by detergent reverts to its optimal condition. New Wash liberates me to push the limits with bleach and color. My color lives longer, and my clients’ hair is so much more resilient."


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Roxie conducted this experiment on herself out of genuine concern for people who invest thousands of dollars in their hair each year and throw it all away by using shampoo. As an artisan, she is also genuinely concerned about her work and what happens to it between color sessions with her clients.


Roxie bleached her entire head with standard on-the-scalp powder bleach until hair was pale yellow, then applied demi-permanent color and let it sit for 20 minutes.


She chose Avalon Organics shampoo because it claims to be formulated with non-stripping detergents. She washed her hair every other day with shampoo on one half of her head and New Wash on the other, using no conditioner on either side. We photographed the results over a three-week period.


“The experience was easier said than done,” she says. “I normally wash once a week and I can’t imagine washing every other day.” Aside from the rapid color fade, she was surprised at how, “Shampoo made my hair so dry and hard. It took a few weeks for that side to recover.”

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About Roxie Darling

Roxie Darling is a painter. Her canvas is hair. Her career spans over a decade with Bumble and bumble, Cutler Salon, and Hairstory. To be in her talented, tattooed hands is to experience a form of spectral therapy, a process of self-reflection and process of chemistry. In her world, color is emotionally resonant, energetically charged, and culturally significant. When she speaks with you, her eyes make only occasional contact with yours – not out of bashfulness (she’s decidedly not) – as she gathers clues from clothing, choices, energy, attitude, discords, and aspirations to conjure a personalized alchemy. She challenges conventions and broadens minds. She relocates our points of reference while seducing our eyes. To read more about Roxie’s approach to hair color, click here.

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