Why should I carry New Wash?

What New Wash is:

New Wash is life-changing.
It is a detergent-free hair cleanser.
It is the antidote to shampoo.

What New Wash isn’t:

It isn’t a co-wash;
it actually cleans while it moisturizes.
It isn’t a cleansing conditioner; it has no detergent, and no build-up over time. 
Unlike Wen® it has no silicones to clog follicles and lead to hair loss.  


What New Wash does:

New Wash treats hair like the delicate fabric it is.
It restores hair to its optimal state. 
It leaves natural protection intact. 
It conditions when and where needed.
It leaves color where it belongs.
It makes conditioners or treatments unnecessary.

What New Wash doesn’t do:

It doesn’t over-clean.
It doesn’t cause frizz.
It doesn’t strip color.
It doesn’t irritate skin.


Why should I join Hairstory?

Hairstory: The New Way to Do Business

Today, professional hair care products are available online through their manufacturer’s websites, at Sephora, Ulta, Costco, Walmart, and Amazon and other ecommerce platforms. Clients buy the first time in person, but they make repeat purchases online. It’s more convenient and often cheaper. But is Amazon sending you commission checks?    

We invented a new way to sell products: No regional distributors; no bulk sales to salons; no big-box retailers or goliath e-tailers. We are the first to reward hairdressing professionals for actually encouraging their clients to shop online, and for referring other professionals to sell our products. Hairstory is a breakthrough that could change an entire industry.

Participate in e-commerce.  
Make money whether clients buy online or in salon.
Choose from affordable Opening Order options. 
Stock minimal inventory.  
Free up cash. 
Maximize return on investment.
Earn free backbar and stylist station products.
Earn money by introducing us to other hairdressers.

In short: See big returns on a small investment.

Hairstory offers 25% commissions on retail sales versus the traditional 50% margin, but your profit potential is greater. Here’s why:
The old model offers 50% on the first purchase, but zero – zilch, bupkes – for subsequent purchases made online. (Again: Where are those Amazon commission checks?)

Earn 25% on every sale, for the LIFETIME OF A CLIENT.

This is why we say 25% is greater than 50%; capture profits for years to come.

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We want you to experience the magic of New Wash before we tie the knot (it’s on the house).

To make that happen we’ll contact you shortly to get your physical address.

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Fact: 79% of Americans shop online, buying haircare now more than ever. But 49% report that they prefer to see and touch an item in person first. How can hairdressers adapt? Learn how here.
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Today, most brands are basically diverting themselves – to Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, SpaceNK, their own websites. Salons may still make introductory sales, but the probability of repeat sales is much lower. Is Amazon sending you commission checks? When pigs fly.
Have you ever told your clients to not shampoo so often?
It is now possible to thoroughly cleanse, condition, detangle and repair with ONE product. The proof is in your free trial bottle of New Wash, but first...
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If you’d like to hear what our CEO, Eli Halliwell, thinks about the future of the hair industry, you can read his blog here.

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