- Edition 2, Chapter 7 -

MONTHLY MUSE: Meaghan Houck

Meaghan makes movies here at Hairstory (between getting her hair done, and done, and done again). Constantly in search of the perfect balance between androgyny and prettiness, this story follows her evolving look over a year and a half of experiments with color and cuts – and eyebrows, of course: "I'm all about the brows."

This was from my first visit to Hairstory. Roxie gave me an amazing grey/silver and Wes was able to turn my super short, dorm room haircut into something beautiful. I was nervous having Michael photograph me for the first time, but he cleared the set to calm me down.

After I started interning at hairstory Michael and Cat started to do my hair. I absolutely loved having a bowl cut. I felt so androgynous yet so pretty – it captured both sides of me. This photo was used in a Nylon story on bangs. I didn’t know I was going to be a part of it before I came in, and I’ve never been in a magazine, so it was a nice surprise.

We took this photo after another freshly done grey color from Cat. This was when I decided I wanted to try to grow my hair out for the first time in four years. It already had a shaggy look to it, which I liked with my extremely bold brows.

Michael wanted this image to look different than the rest we had taken earlier that day. I remember sitting on the rim of a bathtub, looking out the window, and Michael telling me to stay there because it was perfect lighting.

This time around, I stepped out of my grey comfort zone. Cat and I came up with a blue steel look and to this day, it’s my favorite color I’ve ever had. I never thought I could pull off a color that unnatural, so it was a bit of a confidence booster to realize I could.

The Beatles look. This remains my favorite image ever taken of me at hairstory as well as my favorite cut. Michael framed my features perfectly. I did have to adjust to having dark hair, but I quickly embraced being able to give my look a more moody, sort of badass feel.

Michael cut the sides a lot tighter than previously while Cat and I discussed how “dishwater” blonde can sound ugly, but look beautiful. I was amazed at how natural it looked on me, as if I didn’t have jet black hair the day before, which I did.

This was the result of a three day color experiment that Cat and I did. Day 1 was a Nordic white blonde, day 2 was soft, warm grey, and day 3 ended up becoming what we called sea glass – probably the most creative color I've had and a major step outside my comfort zone. 

I realized I really liked being the bright blonde color Cat had given me on day 1 of the color experiment. The weight of this cut was distributed exactly how I like it: light in the nape and heavy in the fringe.