- Edition 8, Chapter 3 -

Makeup Notes

by Clara Rae

Clara Rae for NARS Cosmetics


We started with a conversation about Tony’s inspiration board with hair ideas, a few makeup images, clothing, and overall style. And what I saw was definitely right up my alley – minimal but bold is really interesting to me.

I saw what Tony was doing with the hair and I thought, ‘How can I support that?” I talked with each girl and studied how they do their own makeup, and since they’re not traditional models, I felt that something familiar might make it easier to connect with their character and make a stronger image. I wanted a certain line quality as the common thread, so even though it was structured and hard, I wanted fluidity. I modernized a ’20s brow with variations in stroke to make it more powerful and more interesting. I limited my palette to black, and the texture was very similar, nothing that shiny, nothing that matte.

I thought, ‘Everybody brings the shape of a cat eye upward. What if we bring it down?’ It was so against my instinct, but I thought it would be so interesting. Everything nowadays is a trend, and everyone is trying to be different, but they all end up looking the same because they’re all looking at the same references. So I envisioned these girls seeing something that’s happening, and tweaking it in a way that is so overdone that it’s poking fun at it. When I posted a photo with the heavy drop shadow, I captioned it, “This is how I’ll cover your dark circles,” and it got 1000 likes in about half an hour. That’s the energy I envisioned these girls to have.


Clara Rae for NARS Cosmetics