- Edition 7, Chapter 10 -


by Alexander Brebner

“I always liked my curls,” says Kristian Kirk. When asked whether they were a liability as a child, he answers, “Some friends thought it was weird, but I got teased for other things, not the hair.”

Kristian works at Henrik Vibskov here in New York, and is a stylist, fashion writer and creative entrepreneur with startups Kirk Collective and Kirk Magazine. He describes his personal style as, “Based on a sense of humour and a desire to challenge. I’m not keen on blending in with everyone else in a room. I know who I am and who I am not. In order to create a style, you have to be aware of your identity.”

Kristian was raised in the countryside of Denmark where, he says, “People all look the same,” and one of the reasons why he finds New York so appealing. “It’s super-cool, because people here are so different, with haircuts that give personality to their look.” He sees trends rooted in the hip hop scene, whereas in Copenhagen, he sees men, “With normal, classic cuts, and also long, super-long hair,” inspired by rock and roll. Kirk wore his own hair down to the shoulders, but cut it off when he was 17.

Curls fascinate those who lack them, and Kirk is used to people who, “Stop me in the train and say, ‘Ah, you have cool hair.’ Someone said to me the other day, ‘You’re part scandinavian and part afro.’” Some people even go as far as trying to touch it, which Kirk feels, “Is a little bit too much for me.”

After Wes reshaped Kirk’s hair, sitting in Roxie’s chair was a first for him. Now blonde, he confesses to having felt, “A little nervous.” He admires women’s enthusiasm for changing hues, “But I don’t so much like when men do it and it doesn’t look natural. But I like my blonde even better now than when it was fresh.”

Whether it’s male nonchalance or evidence that the myths about the effort that curls require are unfounded, Kirk loves that he can, “Just wake up and go to work without worrying about it. That’s the best, I think. I just use a little Undressed, that’s it. It’s super-easy to have this hair.”