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Thoughts by Natalie Borton: Hairstory

At the beginning of the summer, I shared a bit about my personal hair journey and all of the “hair woes” I’ve experienced since pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc. In a nutshell, my hormones and diet of course played a big role, but I also relied too heavily on my curling wand to hide how bad my hair looked and was using all kinds of products that weren’t doing me many favors.

When I wrote the post, I shared some of my feelings on Snapchat and instantly got a message from someone suggesting that I look into Hairstory products. Since I’m a sucker for anything that will make my hair better, I immediately googled them and placed an order for two products that I have been using for a full month and have become obsessed with… 

New Wash, $40

About the product: New Wash is an all-in-one cleansing solution completely free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), better known as detergent. SLS is terrible for your hair, but it’s in all of the shampoo most of us use and is also what forces us to end up using conditioner. We end up in a cycle of over-washing, and re-hydrating and our hair never gets to be its beautiful, natural self. New Wash does the job of both shampoo and conditioner and balances every type of hair with essential oils that distinguish between the good and the bad, only removing what is necessary. Bonus: absolutely no conditioner needed. For real.

My thoughts: If you’ve ever used a cream cleanser/cleansing cream, this has the same feel as those products (minus the detergent!). It’s thick and creamy and doesn’t lather—it feels like you’re putting conditioner on your scalp, even though it’s a cleansing product. The key is really working it into the scalp and hair, and then letting it sit for a bit before washing it out well. For everyone out there who thinks, I could never go without conditioner!!!, I swear you do not need it with this product. With long, fine, wavy hair, my hair is incredibly tangle-prone, but I have not used conditioner in over a month and my hair looks and feels healthier than ever.

Undressed, $38

About the product: It all started with a French word—Déshabillé—which translates to “undressed.” This product is a modern take on surf spray, allowing you to create soft, effortless texture. To use it, you just spray on damp or dry hair—the more you spray the more you’ll see the effect.

My thoughts: This has replaced my daily surf spray/salt spray habit and I love to layer it on. With hair that’s fine and naturally a bit wavy, I like to create more volume by enhancing my waves. That has historically required texture sprays, which give lots of volume but leave my fine hair feeling a little gross or too stiff. This product has really solved the problem for me—along with the use of New Wash, it promotes my natural wave patterns but leaves my hair feeling soft and flexible (and not looking dirty or too dry). I usually comb out my hair after a shower, then spray this product on to let my hair air dry with it in. Once my hair is dry or almost dry, I spray a bit more on to finish my look, and also keep a small bottle of it stashed in my purse for touch-ups if I so desire.


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