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Refinery29: 3 Women Prove That Rainbow Hair Has No Age Limit

When we heard that more and more women — women in the 60+ age group, to be specific — were experimenting with brightly colored hair, we were all about it. After all, as the iconic Baddie Winkle would likely argue, having the time of your life and doing whatever damn thing you want has no age limit. To show our support for this awesome movement, we scouted three bold women and teamed up with Wes Sharpton and Roxie Darling at Hairstory to give them the rainbow hair of their dreams. 

But these were more than just typical makeovers: These women took the dated rulebooks about what is and isn't "appropriate" and threw them out the window. It was inspiring as hell and we all walked out of the salon feeling like we could take on the world. =

Ahead, click through to meet the risk-takers, see the magical transformations, and, hopefully, be persuaded to pick up the phone and make that salon appointment. The message is simple: Whether you're 20 or 70, no look is off-limits.


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