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Racked: Pink Hair is Here to Stay

Everyone from gallery owners to lawyers have requested pink hair from Roxie Darling, colorist at too cool NYC salon Hairstory. Darling first started working with pink hair in 2010, helping out a friend who had a hair dye incident. "She had had a very spotty bleach job with a little pink in it. I ended up fixing it using a soft pink so that I didn’t damage the hair further. It was a perfect shade of baby pink that almost looked blonde," she says.

The next time she worked with pink, it was for a Turkish socialite living in NYC. "She wasn’t the type you’d expect to ask for pink hair, but it was a perfect pink champagne and her photo ended up being featured in Vogue Turkey."

Darling says demand for pink hair has remained steady if not increased in the past six years. "I’d say that it became more of a trend in late 2011, early 2012," she says. "It’s one of those things where there’s so much variety in the color that it’s taken this much time to explore all of the possible shades. I like to call it the gate-way hair color because there’s a perfect shade for everyone that will flatter their skin tone."

Darling calls pink the "new neutral" of hair color, because it can go so many different ways. "You can have a version on the cooler side with more lavender undertones or on the warmer side with coral undertones," she says.

"They say blondes have more fun, but I really think pink hair is more fun. I think it has this really soft attractive quality," says Darling. "It’s traditionally perceived as feminine, but when you move into the more saturated tones of pink it gives it a more rock n roll IDGAF attitude. Pink is the original bad girl."

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