Refinery 29: The Products You NEED for Platinum Hair

Hairstory StudioComment

Having platinum strands means that I've pretty much retired using heat tools in favor of natural waves. Hairstory's Hair Balm defines my curls while they air-dry, preventing frizz and hydrating the shaft with essential oils. I use about three pumps and work it in from root to tip on wet hair. Once my strands are dry, I'll redefine the waves with one more pump.

But I also use this product in another way, as instructed by my hairstylist Wes Sharpton. I dissolve three pumps in water in an atomizer. On mornings when I don't wash my hair, but my curls need a boost, I spritz the mixture wherever I need it. It adds life back to my hair, helping it look like it does on wash day. Basically, there's nothing this stuff can't do.

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