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Refinery 29: Fashion Model Haircuts

We've waxed poetic about a haircut's transformative powers many times, and there's no profession where that's more apparent than modeling — especially right now. "The days of the uniform [model cut] is over," says Wes Sharpton, New York-based hairstylist and Lead Haircutter at Hairstory Studio. "It’s the return of the haircut, because the haircut can show off the individual."

There's no shortage of examples of powerful chops through the years — would Twiggy be Twiggy without the sleek, androgynous cut she got in 1966? And without her 1988 pixie, would Linda Evangelista be the iconic supermodel she is today? For the current generation, the pressure to get a dramatic chop is even more intense — which makes sense, given the sheer competition out there.

"Models lead these incredible lives, but what people forget is it’s exhausting and competitive, and standing out from the crowd is really important," Sharpton says. "A good haircut can really make a girl’s career and set them apart. It can allow them to make a really great first impression."

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