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Je M’appelle Channel: Breaking Up, A Hairstory Review

I've had a longstanding on and off relationship with traditional shampoo and conditioner. I've tried countless brands - Carol's Daughter, John Frieda, OGX, Rock Your Hair, Avalon Organics, L'Oreal, Healthy Sexy Hair, etc.

So what's the common trait with all these brands beside me not really loving any of them? The feeling of shampoo and conditioner- the lather, the creaminess of the product, the packaging, the click of opening/closing the bottle, the scents. Essentially the addictiveness of shampoo and conditioner is it's comforting, relaxing nature. That has been my reason for never questioning its apathetic abilities. However, I said goodbye to the these addicting traits when I broke up with shampoo & conditioner. Hopefully for good.

So why breaking up? A little drastic to describe switching to different products, right? Well, I literally broke up with shampoo and conditioner a little over a month ago. Gina from Hairstory contacted me to review some of their products and ecstatically I accepted. Since then I have only been using New Wash to wash my hair (mid May) and styling for the most part with Hairstory products and the exceptional dry shampoo/heat protectant/deep conditioner.

What I find fascinating about New Wash is it's truly revolutionary. This product has completely changed my mind about my natural hair. I have long, oily hair. For all my life I've felt I needed to mask my hairs natural texture by straightening my somewhat already straight hair. My hair always ended up turning into something I knew it wasn't. Over processed, over straight. When I started using New Wash + these products I started feeling like my hair out of the shower, my natural hair, was beautiful, untamed, and most importantly clean.

New Wash is a completely different hair experience. It's nothing like the addicting shampoo/conditioner I mentioned earlier. This product doesn't foam in your hair or feel quite as thin. Instead you lather your hair covering it with product and let it sit. I usually shave my legs while I let it sit. They suggest combing through your hair with the product in, but I never have. If you didn't know this already shampoo and conditioner are terrible for your hair. They have all sorts of nasty ingredients that actually cause damage to your hair, and New Wash is its conqueror. After you let the product sit rinse it out very well. No conditioner needed, and you're done!

I just want to say I really like washing my hair but I used to do it too much. While I'm at uni I have a tendency to over wash my hair as its therapeutic. However, since I intern 40 hours a week at Anthropologie I don't have time to wash my hair as often. I can go three, four days without needing to wash my hair with New Wash, but since I tend to have oily hair I don't like to go more than three days personally. I did use dry shampoo on occasion since my hair is oily and the 90+ degree weather only worsens that, but New Wash doesn't need dry shampoo especially if you like the texture alone. I also tried a deep conditioning mask (in my next big Sephora Play review) but I found New Wash on its own did 1000 times more than this mask ever could.

What I love about New Wash is ultimately that you can't overuse it. Overall I really liked using New Wash. It has a lovely, clean, and fresh smell which I love very much. Additionally I loved the luxe packaging and texture of the product itself.

P.S. I've been using this product since mid May and I haven't run out.

Overall I loved using these products and would recommend them with all my heart.

My hair grew faster, made me fall in love with my natural hair, and how could I not love this sleek, cool packaging!

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