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InStyle: 5 Wave Sprays That Actually Work On Flat Straight Hair

Fact: If you have stick-straight, lifeless hair, chances are you’re always after the effortlessly, undone beachy waves of your dreams. It’s messy in the best way possible and almosteffortless to achieve thanks to a few spritzes of wave spray. However, no two sprays are exactly alike, and not every single formula is successful in convincing stubbornly straight strands to activate their inner wavy texture. Fortunately, some sprays pass the test, and will leave your hair with the piecy, frizz-free, tangle-free waves you get when you’re fresh out of the water. The following five sprays are the closest you’ll get to an ocean in a bottle—no sand required. 


If your hair’s natural texture always looks like you just had sleek blowout, you know that it takes a little more than a few spritzes of a wave spray to get any sort of movement happening in your strands. Stubbornly straight hair should try spraying on Hairstory’s Undressed which can be layered on without making hair feel heavy or leaving behind product residue. What sets this spray apart from the rest is that wavy texture instantly forms in just a few sprays and scrunches. While Undressed may sound like magic, Hairstory is actually Bumble and bumble founder Michael Gordon’s new hair venture, so we really shouldn’t have expected anything less from the creator of the original Surf Spray. 

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