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Danizig: New Wash, That New New New

Brand: Hairstory

Product Name: New Wash

Personal review: No stranger to cream washes, I dug right into New Wash. But all cream washes are NOT made equal. 

Many on the market these days are essentially just conditioner, but Hairstory founder and Bumble and Bumble brain Michael Gordon has created (and now reformulated) something truly unique. Face-quality extracts and essential oils make a product that is astonishingly effective and will surely disrupt the shampoo industry at large.

I admit there is a learning curve, and that I’m (still)not anti-shampoo, but that this product really obliterated my expectations. I essentially used it for an entire month, taking it on a tropical vacay, using it for every type of styling that I do, and it was a powerhouse. Most curiously, my hair felt like HAIR, if that paints a picture for you. It was soft without slip or slime and came out clean even at my greasy greasy scalp.

The proof was in the pudding when I took 7th day unwashed hair, applied a generous amount of product from root to tip, took a long bath, and washed out as normal, the result was perfectly clean hair with no weight whatsoever. I’d call it ‘naked’ hair, soft, shiny, and nearly perfect.

Rating: 10 out of 10 Cat Heart Eye Emojis

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