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Danizig Blog: Friday Power Round Up: Hairstory’s Style Arsenal

Can stuff this harmless really perform? 

Brand: Hairstory

Product Name: Dressed UpHair BalmUndressed

Where to buy: direct, certified independant stylists

Certifications: none, but they appear to be vegan and I doubt they test on animals

Controversies: good controversy: founder Michael Gordon previously founded Bumble and Bumble

Notable ingredients: All have an aloe and rosewater base, Undressed has acacia gum and hyaluronic acid, Hair Balm and Dressed up have at least 5 types of flower extracts and 3 protein sources.

Notable coverage: Founder Michael Gordon recently appeared on Fat Mascara 

Off label uses: With these three pieces you can solve any hair puzzle. Seriously.

Product delivery method: Dressed Up/Hair Balm: airless pump, Undressed: spray

Product Composition: All are oil-in-water but very water based.

Personal review: I am unabashedly impressed by this new wave of haircare. Forget that at first I hated how my hair looked while curly and air dried, I stuck with their products only for one whole month and have to say once you get past the learning curve, it really is as easy as waking up and having great hair. 

Hair Balm melts into hair, literally, and you don’t get that overly silky silicone feel, but your hair feels soft. Both brush-sculpted air dries and scrunched curly air dries were gorgeous and stayed frizz-free for quite some time.

Dressed Up knocked my socks off when I used it to do a round brush blowout. I was expecting my hair to look limp and matte because I’m used to using 5-6 products to acieve my rockstar blowouts, but this lightweight balm uses only really small-molecule oils and flower extracts to keep hair smooth and protect from heat styling and the sun.

Undressed took me a bit longer to love, but its such a unique product that I have grown to enjoy it’s understated power. It’s function is almost like a beach spray, but with no drying salts or slimy silicones. It’s actually getting the memory from acacia gum and copolymers, so it’s like a more-natural inspired hold with the tech of coconut alkenes, polyquats and hyaluronic acid to keep hair soft while building texture.

It’s gotta be said, these products are of an epic quality caliber, and they really are working to disrupt what I’m sure is a billions-strong hair market. Who is using an aloe and rosewater BASE for a hair product? No one, and they are now officially late to the game. 

Rating: 9 out of 10 Cat Heart Eye Emojis

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