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Nylon: 7 New Hair Products That You Will Want To Buy Right Now

Not all products are created equal, and every season beauty brands come up with the newest and most innovative hair products to change the way we go about styling our tresses. Whether by adding new qualities to cult classics or creating entirely new and revolutionary formulas, we’re constantly presented with fresh options to help us achieve that currently trendy look or cure our biggest hair woes. 

However, while we may think these hair advances can be credited to advances in science and technology, a lot of the standout new items actually employ natural ingredients. Essential oils used to clean your hair and tame your frizz? Sea salt for a soothing scalp detox? Who knew?!

We rounded up seven most groundbreaking new hair products that will certainly change the way you approach your routine. Click through the gallery below to check out these game changers.


Rather than using detergents to clean your hair like most shampoos, this revolutionary wash formula from Hairstory uses essential oils. It prevents damage and balances your hair with oils, without stripping your tresses of what it needs.

Hairstory, New Wash, $40, available at Hairstory.

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