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NYLON: Love Story

Whenever I tell people I haven't washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner in almost two years, I am immediately met with glares of disgust, awe, and confusion. Let me explain: Did you know that many of these products are packed with detergents (even some of the ones that say they're sulfate- and phosphate-free), which strip the natural oils from your scalp and ultimately damage hair. Keep in mind you've most likely been doing this your entire life. But it's a new year and the geniuses over at Hairstory – the private hair studio in downtown New York founded by Michael Gordon (who also started Bumble and bumble) – are changing haircare with their revolutionary product New Wash, which eliminates the need for shampoo and conditioner. In addition, the brand is releasing three styling products: Undressed (think of this product as an ultra-modern version of a texturizing spray), Hair Balm (a lightweight creme that enhances hair's natural movement), and Dressed Up (a pre-blow-dry must that delivers sleek strands). Do your hair a favor and stop torturing it with so many harmful things and join the Hairstory revolution. 

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