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The Eye Travels: What's Your Hair(Story)?

A woman’s hair is a big part of her identity, not to mention the first thing a stranger notices when passing you on the street. As someone who is always looks to the future I’m constantly looking for new hair products to test and experiment with.

Enter Michael Gordon, the genius that brought us Bumble and Bumble—and now his latest endeavor, Hairstory. With a salon tucked away in lower Manhattan, Gordon, alongside colorist Roxie Darling and scissor wizard Wes Sharpton like to consider it more than a salon – ‘It’s equal parts think tank, photo studio, art space and production house.’  

Simplicity is a key term that populates when a new beauty product comes to surface. This new product line by Gordon is no different. Hairstory is composed of a total of, wait for it… four products. Why only four? “Why not?” says Gordon. Hmm, you’re right Michael – why not? Do we really need that heat serum, frizz control, shine enhancer, deep conditioner, purple shampoo, everyday shampoo, etc. etc. in our lives? 

The single most important product to buy immediately is New Wash (which also comes in an aluminum refill size) Hairstory claim it’s a new way to clean hair – allowing people to discover their hair for the first time – probably since childhood. I couldn’t agree more – the results were evident from the very first wash. Seriously, they were. New Wash is my hero.

Did you know that all shampoos consist of some sort of detergent that strips our hair of everything, even the good stuff? Detergent is the devil. We also tend to associate the amount of suds in our hair to how well we are cleaning our strands. Even shampoos that are sulfate free still tend to bubble up a bit. New Wash doesn’t need to hide behind the suds. And who doesn’t condition? We all do, right? This is where the simplicity of New Wash takes over. A one-step cleansing creme, no conditioner, no rinse and repeat. You don’t even need a special shampoo for color-treated hair – which for someone who regularly colors her hair, is revolutionary.

A clutter-free shower, five extra minutes of snooze time. Thank you Hairstory.

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