Conde Nast Traveler: The Best Summer Beauty Products

Hairstory StudioComment

From shampoo to sunscreen, these products are so great we'll pay a baggage fee to bring them along.

We’re not above checking a bag so we can bring full-size bottles of our favorite beauty products with us on the road. Still, suitcase space is always tight, and to earn a place, products need to be hard-working, multifunctional, and the absolute best in their category. Here are a few of our favorites.



Hairstory New Wash: This hair wash (decidedly not a shampoo) may be our favorite new discovery and space saver. It cleans hair using essential oils instead of Sodium Lauryl Sulfates—the drying detergent most shampoos use to remove dirt and oil—and renders conditioner obsolete (we promise you won’t need it or miss it). That's on top of smelling like a dream and being biodegradable.

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