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Byrdie: We Found the Secret to Ashley Olson's and Sienna Miller's Effortless Hair

Who: Wes Sharpton, lead hairstylist at Hairstory Studio

His Advice: "The key to really effortless hair really comes down to having good products, but the trick is that it shouldn't look like there's product in it. It's not crunchy '80s gel or super-hard hair spray. I think every girl I know wants that 'lucky girl' hair—the hair that looks like you just rolled out of bed with it. Effortless hair, to me, is not super styled, overly coiffed, or epically blown out," Sharpton says.

"For shorter hair (which I describe as anything above the shoulder), I recommend using a little bit of Hairstory's Hair Balm ($36) on damp hair, working it through with your fingers, and letting it air dry. The trick to this is not to touch it while it dries. This product is great because it dries soft, not crunchy like a gel would be, but because it has a good amount of hold, it will retain a sense of separation—the key to making it look effortless and not forced."

He continues, "For those with naturally smooth, long hair, of any texture—from curly to straight, to wavy—I suggest going for a look that's a little more French and lived in, a bit Virgin Suicides. For this, I recommend taking your hair, wet or dry, and spraying in a little of Hairstory's Undressed ($38). This will add a bit more lived-in texture which could be considered a little bit beachy, or sexy, but the reason I love Undressed is because it actually creates hair that's soft and touchable. Often when I've used salt or texturizing sprays in the past, the hair would look great, but feel crunchy and full of product."

"Then there are those who've always been blow-dry girls. They're complete pros at giving themselves an epic and perfect style in 15 minutes but are trying to get away from it. These are the women who have a system down that works for them or are just a little too scared to venture out and try something that might come across as messy. I call this group the 'weekenders' because they're the ones who might experiment with their hair over the weekend when the risk is lower.

"For this group, I recommend doing your usual blow-dry, but afterward, try spraying just a little Undressed on from a distance, which will enhance a lot of those nice little messy details that create a more lived-in texture. It’s a great way to get an effortless look without feeling like you may ruin something that you're already comfortable with. The trick to remember: The farther away you hold the product, the more distribution you'll get, and the finer the mist will be. This is important because holding it farther from your head will create less reversion (the tendency that your hair has to revert when dampened). I suggest misting over the outside layer of your hair or spritzing a few sections in front for a more interesting detail around your face.

"Whenever you venture into something new, ask yourself, what is my hair like? If your hair is naturally more frizzy and a little crazy, you probably need to smooth it out a bit more to find balance, so Hair Balm is great. If your hair is really smooth, you probably need to rough it up and add a little texture to it, Undressed is helpful for this. It's really about understanding what you're working with, and finding a balance with your natural texture."

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