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Hello Giggles: This New Cleanser Will Change the Way You Wash Your Hair Forever

Shampoo is hard, you guys.

Everyone makes fun of me when I say stuff like, “Ugh, I have to wash my hair tonight” because yes, it sounds ridiculous, but it honestly isn’t. Washing my hair is a big process that I only partake in twice or sometimes three times a week. Why? Because curly hair is difficult, blow drying sucks, I’m lazy, and also — I have never been fully convinced that I’m using the right shampoo for my hair type.

You’ve all been there too, I’m sure. But there’s a new thing to discuss if you’re facing the same shampoo struggles.

So, the founder of Bumble and Bumble, Michael Gordon, has some ideas to bring to the table in regards to shampoo — and he is out to change our lives.

Gordon refers to our shampoo options as “detergent,” according to Refinery29. Gordon went on to say that the general idea of shampoo is kind of a bad idea for our hair and scalps in the first place. Why? Most shampoos were created to make us rely on conditioner. Basically, our shampoos are stripping our hair of moisture, which means we need to then add moisture (conditioner). Oftentimes, shampoo is damaging our hair and conditioner tries to reverse the effects that we have just willingly created on our own heads. …at least according to Gordon.

Just to be clear, Gordon also stated that shampoo “is not going to kill you, but it’s unnecessary.”

This is music to my ears, tbh.

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