Our business model is new to our industry, and so are the tools we created to help you manage your business. These podcasts are designed to familiarize you with the ways you can make our partnership a profitable one.

CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)

25% > 50%

The world of retail as we knew it is history. The old math doesn’t add up any more. If you encounter resistance to the Hairstory business model from hairdressers you recruit, use this rock-solid logic to help them grasp the new reality.

It’s hard to think financially beyond the month-to-month, or even the day-to-day. But it’s useful to think about revenue in the long term by understanding Customer Lifetime Value, one of the most important terms in modern business.


Unite Against the Enemy

What do the Middle Ages, population explosion and the Industrial Revolution have to do with shampoo? Plenty, according to Eli who also issues an impassioned call to arms against the status quo.

Best Business Practices

Eli walks through best business practices and how to earn double points.