Position Description: Hairdresser Business Development

About Hairstory
Hairstory is an innovator in the personal care/beauty industry, whose aim is to change the way people wash and style their hair. We are small today, but we have big ambitions. Our hero product, New Wash, cleans hair with aloe, essential oils and fatty alcohols, and without any detergent – the enemy of good hair that strips hair and scalp of natural oils your body needs. We sell online and through mostly independent hairdressers, utilizing a business model that enables hairdressers to profit from both online and in-salon sales. Our partners have founded and/or run: Bumble and bumble, Jurlique and Natura Brazil, and have a combined 75 years of experience running beauty businesses that generate billions in sales. To learn more, visit hairstory.com.

The Roles
The Hairdresser Business Development Team works across the three important areas of hairdressers’ interactions with Hairstory: Recruitment, On-boarding and Coaching. Regardless of focus, each member of the team functions as an individual contributor, with clear personal responsibility for delivering specific results, services and projects. As such, everyone on the team has clear accountability and the opportunity to demonstrate success required for advancement within the organization.

Recruitment is managed by the Admissions Manager who is responsible for all aspects of prospecting, vetting and converting hairdresser candidates. This role drives both the quantity and the quality of the hairdressers who join Hairstory. Since most of our prospecting involves digital marketing, this is an important component to this role. Vetting hairdressers requires communicating with them and persuading them to jump through a few hoops, demonstrating their qualifications and engagement with the Hairstory brand. Converting hairdressers requires persistence, resilience, overcoming objections and other core selling skills.  

On-boarding describes the first few months of hairdressers’ experience with Hairstory, which are critical in determining their future trajectory with the company. If they set off on the right foot, they can soar; if not, they can flounder. For this reason, the Hairstory Guide serves a critical function. Primary responsibilities are educating hairdressers on our best practices and engaging them sufficiently to change prior behavior, and solidifying these practices through repetition over time. Success as a Guide requires traditional relationship building, but with an authoritative tone. The Guide is the leader, and he or she must be able to convince hairdressers to follow.

Coaching is managing the ongoing relationships with hairdressers and help them grow their Hairstory businesses, building on training by the Guide. A critical component of hairdresser success is transitioning clients to buy online. For our highest-potential hairdressers, special tools may be brought to bear to offer extra support. The ultimate goal of a Coach is to help each hairdresser reach his or her personal potential. This means a greater degree of investment is required early in each hairdresser's lifecycle with the company. As with the Guide, Coaches need to be authoritative leaders, able to engage hairdressers and convince them to follow.

Ideal Attributes

We are looking for candidates with both high IQ and high EQ.  

  • Outgoing and engaging – strong interpersonal skills that develop meaningful relationships

  • Focused and determined – results-oriented with a strong desire to achieve goals

  • Highly organized – able to manage multiple tasks/deliverables without dropping the ball

  • Proactive and takes initiative – doesn’t wait to be told to identify and tackle a problem

  • Creative problem solving – always looking for ways to improve the process

  • Strong analytical skills – must be able to analyze and synthesize data relevant to role and our data-driven organization

  • Strong cultural fit – interested in hair/fashion/style, creative cultures, thinking differently and celebrating individuality

Required Experience

  • Proven interest in business, entrepreneurship and sales

  • Proven ability to apply oneself and deliver results in an academic environment

  • Proven track record of perseverance and success in a non-academic environment

  • Demonstrated strong work ethic

  • Enthusiastic references

  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

  • Strong working knowledge of Excel