Our industry is rapidly changing, and as an indie hairdresser, you are at the leading edge of a new era. This group of podcasts contains a wealth of advice to help you navigate your way to success and excel as a true entrepreneur.

REtention & Recruitment

Do you calculate your client retention on a regular basis? It is absolutely the most important metric in the business of hairdressing. While you’ve probably heard that it is much harder and more costly to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing one, this podcast will help you succeed at both.


It may seem like there isn’t much to discuss about revenues: “I’d like to earn as much as possible.” Right? Well, yes, but not all revenues are equal. Some are more profitable than others and depend on how you think about your time, your expenses, and the easiest of all to control: Retail.


The Four P's: Product, Pricing, Placement, & Promotion

Indie Hairdresser = Hairdresser + Entrepreneur

In this introduction to our series of four podcasts based on marketing guru E. Jerome McCarthy’s Four P’s – classic tools for a modern perspective on your brand – Eli elaborates on our mission to create structure out of chaos, bring clarity to confusion, foster success in the face of struggle, and help you think like a true entrepreneur.

The First P: Product

Product means more than what’s in our bottles; it also describes the services you perform. What are you selling? What do you do especially well? What do your clients value most? Answer these questions for yourself to clarify your business offering – less may indeed be more.

The Third P: Place

In this series so far, we’ve explored defining your work and determining its value; now think about where you work. Indie hairdressers enjoy unprecedented choice: renting a chair or suite, leasing your own place, adapting a room at home – or none of the above. What are the pros and cons, and how does your place align with both your lifestyle and your brand?  

The Second P: Pricing

Supply and demand: The demand for your services may be limitless, but the supply of hours in your day isn’t. So how much is your time worth?Get your calculator ready for this one as Eli explores dynamic pricing, and offers formulas for effectively selling your time and your skill.

The Fourth P: Promotion

You are not selling a commodity. You are selling your expertise. In the last chapter of this series, Eli answers these questions: Should you discount your services? Is it easier to get new customers or keep existing ones? How many can you expect to lose, and why? What exactly should you be promoting, and how? 


Social Media and You

Build your brand, build your business, expand your outreach. Eli, Gina and Cat discuss the importance of each major social media platform, and how to think about using them to communicate your unique point of view with sincerity, quality, and transparency.

Selling without Selling

Hairdressers are among the best salespeople on the face of the planet. Why? Because you are in a unique position where integrity and trust is the basis of your relationships with customers. Learn more about how the simple act of good storytelling leads to successful sales.


Know Your Business Model

We are seeing the explosion of what is called the 1099 economy, and independent hairdressers are a part of it. Find out why Hairstory couldn’t have existed 10 years ago, and how to talk about the direct selling business model.