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Which brands get the most search requests on Google?

Anyone who has been reading my blog so far knows that I love Google trends.  It is my favorite source of consumer data because it shows what people are looking for and it shows how that changes over time.  Below are a series of Google trends charts for seven large professional hair brands:

  • Aveda
  • Bumble
  • Davines
  • Kerastase
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Oribe
  • Redken

The first two charts show the relative interest in the brands. For example, Aveda started off with the most searches and Davines started off with the fewest.  To make it easier to see the lines, I’ve broken the charts into two groups – a group with higher search volume and a group with lower search volume.  Bumble is in both groups, to connect the dots.

Here is the first group.  You can see that search share for Aveda and Bumble have fallen significantly, while Kerastase has grown nicely and Redken is essentially unchanged.

Google Trend Large Group.png

The next group has just the smaller brands: Davines, Kevin Murphy, Oribe and Bumble (again).  You can see that Davines has been on a tear, while Kevin Murphy and Oribe have been growing nicely as Bumble has fallen, but only in 2015 did Davines and Kevin Murphy outpace Bumble in search share. 

Google Trend Small Group.png

What is most shocking about these two charts is the degree to which both Bumble and Aveda have lost search share.  This indicates a massive decline in consumer interest in these two brands.

I was also surprised to see interest in Davines and Kevin Murphy is higher than in Oribe.  Maybe that’s because they have broader distribution?  Or maybe it is because they have more accessible price points.  Regardless, all three of those brands have been growing their search share.

So the big question on all your mind must be this: where is Hairstory on this chart?  It turns out most people Google “new wash” when they want to find us instead of searching for Hairstory.  You can see the searches jump into life in 2016, when we started to really get traction.  And you can see that we already have almost half the search share of Oribe.  Pretty exciting.  I can’t wait to track this chart over time…

Google Trend Small Group + NW.png

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