- Edition 6, Chapter 3.7 -

Cody and Michael Gordon at Hairstory Studio

Cody and Michael Gordon at Hairstory Studio

She started young...

I’ve had my hands in someone’s hair since I was about five years old. Hair is my passion. My plan from a young age was to do hair and makeup on famous people. My passion for hair is targeted on color. I love cutting and styling but I think coloring is really where I’m able to let go.

...and went off-course.

I almost didn't follow my dream. When I was seventeen I moved out on my own and saw the need for a steady income. There were people in my extended family who had failed at making a living doing hair, so my mother, grandfather, and grandmother all pushed me to go into nursing, saying it was needed anywhere you go. So I tried out being a CNA at a local nursing home. Hated every minute of it besides talking with people.

But her husband steered her back.

I went straight to beauty school at the local junior college. Met my husband at a dance hall just before that and he did influence me to do what I knew I would love! Still married to that guy today! We have 3 kids together and have built our lives together from the ground up.

First jobs? Hit or miss.

The first salon I worked in was a tiny, commission salon. The owner was so sweet, but I didn’t learn a thing, and the location was bad with no walk-ins. 8 months later an opening came up at the happening salon in town. I snagged a chair over there as a booth rental. It was a busy place with walk-in traffic. It allowed me to build a clientele, I pretty much did color correction my first 3 years – through trial and error. Some of the seasoned stylists there would answer my questions but it was every man for himself. Everyone pretty much hated each other from what I could tell.


Six-and-a-half years later, something awesome happened: a studio in downtown opened up in a historic building! Rent was reasonable and utilities were included! So there I went!

But products were problematic.

The old salon had been exclusively Paul Mitchell. I wanted to find something superior, a color line as well as product line. I found a color line I liked, then started using an "organic" line; I attempted to carry Bumble 3 times; on the 3rd attempt I was allowed. Through them I learned a lot, met a bunch of awesome people and educators, also learned there was more. I became frustrated as they released more and more products; as a small business owner it’s really hard to keep inventory of 250 of them.

Hairstory was the solution.

Back in December I took a hair painting class with with Roxie Darling, and I’m in love with Hairstory products still! They have been selling really well in my salon; I love the whole concept of the company down to inventory and online sales. It is easy to sell when you believe in something. I look forward to growing my business with the help of Hairstory.