Everyone has a hair story, and every hairdresser has a career story. But nobody shares the same story. These podcasts feature interviews with Hairstory Hairdressers and beauty professionals about their ups, downs, pros, cons, and ins and outs.

Denise Cartwright Pt. 1

Meet Denise Cartwright, Hairstory Hairdresser and Master Esthetician whose battles with her own skin led her to reject spa conventions and bloggers’ advice, and to create the groundbreaking brand, Crude.

Denise Cartwright Pt. 2

Michael and Denise discuss how the futures of hair- and skincare are linked by one unimpeachable fact: Oil-based cleansing will replace detergent-based methods.


Noah's Arc Pt. 1

Meet Noah James, a Star Hairstory Hairdresser with a largely male clientele who discusses knowledge and power, learning what not to do, the two sides of client loyalty, and value versus volume.

Noah's Arc Pt. 2

Eli continues a conversation with Hairstory Star Hairdresser Noah James about not selling, letting New Wash speak for itself, and how pitching to clients is simple logic.


Beau's Road to Success

Meet Beau Bollinger, Hairstory Coach, full-time hairdresser and part-time educator. Learn how his mom sparked his career, why he hated beauty school, how London led to teaching, why he took the plunge to go it alone, and thoughts about supply (limited) and demand (huge).  

Eli continues his conversation with Beau Bollinger, Hairstory Coach, hairdresser and educator. Find out more about how his teaching style has evolved, why he thinks Hairstory is the best thing for our industry, and how the right Star Client can propel your business.


Jason Devastation Pt. 1

Jason Devastation Pt. 2

Hairstory Star Hairdresser Jason Bannister (affectionately known by his Instagram handle Jason Devastation) is an early and successful adopter of the Hairstory ethos. He has led nearly all of his clients to detergent-freedom and is an authentic ambassador to fellow hairdressers. His secrets are simple: telling his own story, keeping conversations focused on hair, and taking full advantage of technology and social media.


Meet Eli

We all have hair stories, and Eli is no exception. In this introductory podcast, find out how products gave him teen swagger, how he came to meet Michael Gordon, why he joined Bumble and bumble, what made him so ardent about Hairstory – and why you are so vital to our movement.