Hair color, from our viewpoint, is on the verge of experiencing a renaissance. Where as once women were limited to three color options, blonde, brunette and redhead, we are now witnessing a turning of the tides. The range of choices in hair color are expanding and hair has begun to stretch far from the three classic shades, expanding from subtle to vibrant, and natural to otherworldly. The world is made of a staggering number of colors, dusky, smoky, subtle, vibrant, fluorescent, iridescent; lipstick companies create endless variations on red; nail polish now offers a far broader palette than ever. It is time to expand the possibilities for hair as well.


For those opting for the bleached life (or for any color choice), colorists Roxie Darling (above) and Cat Meyer demand they kick the shampoo habit and use Hairstory New Wash. Not only does the color last much longer, “hair becomes so healthy – regardless of bleaching – that we are able to push the limits of color. Hair that might have broken before is far more resilient.” Most notable is Roxie’s bold testament that “New Wash has changed my career and what I'm capable of doing.”

Cerise, Student

Jessie, Photographer

Gina, Illustrator

Clara, Makeup Artist

Meaghan, Videographer

Yinna, Makeup Artist

Amanda, Student

Lucasz, Hairdresser

Sophia, Student

Nova, Graphic Designer

Kay, Model

Xi, Digital Technician