Everyone has a hair story. For some hair is a shield; for others it’s a beacon. Our relationship to our hair evolves as we do: growth, shape, color, texture. But too often (in our view), beauty companies ask us to focus on what goes wrong rather than right, adding fuel to our self-loathing. What if we could learn to love what we’ve been taught to hate? Our products are tools that help liberate us from negative norms that limit the expression of innate beauty.

We asked some provocative questions about hair care and came up with some surprising answers: Is shampoo the best way to wash? (No. It’s the worst.) Why are there so many shampoos for every type imaginable? (Simple: Persuasive marketing.) How many hair products do the best hairdressers in the world actually need? (About 6, tops.)

New Wash is an exceptional, revolutionary cleanser that works on ALL types of hair versus hundreds of traditional, specialized shampoos – and transforms hair that has been ritually abused by detergent, styling, and bleach (and makes conditioners – essentially fabric softeners – obsolete). Our edited range of three styling products are each surprisingly versatile compared to the overwhelming number of cremes, lotions, and sprays shouting from store shelves and cluttering bathrooms.

When we created Hairstory we also created a new way to sell products: No regional distributors; no bulk sales to salon owners; no retailers like Sephora or e-tailers like Amazon. To our knowledge, we are the first to reward hairdressing professionals for referring other professionals to sell our products. This is a breakthrough that could change an entire industry.