- Edition 1, Chapter 7 -

If you Knew: Suzi Ziegler

Suzi is a yoga instructor, bassist, and creator. She met our producer, Cat, on a yoga retreat in 2015 and after hearing her talk about Hairstory and our products, Suzi became intrigued and submitted herself for casting right then and there.

She started practicing yoga 16 years ago.

I love yoga. It’s a life-saver, and it inspires me to stay open – not just physically but emotionally and mentally.

She reads tarot cards.

I was in a bookstore and saw a flyer with this gorgeous woman and I just thought, “Who is she and what is she all about?!” I realized that she was offering tarot classes and thought, “Oh wow, I have to do this,” so I took her number and started private classes.

She was born on the summer solstice.

I’m on the cusp of Gemini, but I’m technically zero degrees Cancer. It’s a real blend. It means I can talk and feel at the same time. I think it’s a gift to be able to articulate what I feel, because it can be difficult sometimes.

She’s been in the music industry for years.

If you ask me what my first love in life is, it would be music. I loved listening to the radio as a kid and then I started playing bass. In the mid ’80s I auditioned for a band, Game Theory, and toured and recorded with them for a while until moving on to play with other people.

She came to New York in 2011 via San Francisco.

I was in a long-distance relationship with somebody who lived here, and after a couple of years of back and forth, we either had to live in the same city or go our separate ways. So I moved, and I stayed because I fell in love with New York whether I had the relationship or not.

She draws inspiration from everything and creates in as many ways as she can.

I love to sew; I work in the garment district and take home the previous season’s textiles and I make things. I’ve taken to selling under a label I started called Courage NYC. I write creatively; I think Charles Dickens is amazing. He inspires me because he challenges social inequities and champions the underdog, and I love that.