- Edition 1, Chapter 7 -

IF YOU KNEW: Cat Meyer

Cat is our producer here at Hairstory, and while she is utterly indispensable, professional, and unbelievably hard-working, she also has a charmingly fun and playful side. We thought you should get to know her better.


Cat went to beauty school

When I was 26 I was working random jobs at a pest control company, a dive bar and babysitting. I wasn’t feeling inspired. I studied painting and illustration in college and wasn’t doing anything remotely creative. A good friend of mine suggested I go to beauty school. So I did. I was pretty sure I was going to be a hairstylist and had no interest in hair coloring. But once I started the color formulations it was pretty clear what route I should pursue. The same friend told me the only place worth assisting at was Bumble and Bumble.


But… she didn’t work at Bumble

The idea of Bumble scared the crap out of me. It sounded so intimidating. So I decided to pursue smaller boutique salons. I sought out places where the owners were from Bumble. I really loved both salons I apprenticed at; I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented colorists like Victoria Hunter, Kimberly Pierce, Naomi Knight, Mauricio Bermudez, and Larry Raspanti. After training to be a colorist for a few years I realized that although I loved it, working behind the chair was not for me. I joke around that I am retired, but I love that I can still color hair whenever I want at Hairstory Studio.


She started out as a model for Hairstory

I remember the elevator doors opening and two little girls standing in the entry. Michael’s twin daughters led me to a dining area where they had a brand new puppy they were excited to show me. There were people everywhere working and eating lunch; little did I know a year later I would call these people my colleagues and friends. Finally Michael walked in and he called Tony over and introduced us. Tony took me into a back bathroom and began to style my hair. Once we were ready to shoot – hair, makeup, and wardrobe done – I remember this overwhelming sense of wanting to throw up, run away, or both. I was so shy and barely spoke above a whisper. I almost passed out on set due to hyperventilation. I was so extremely nervous to be in front of the camera. Gina and Michael still make fun of me for it.

She’s not shy in the studio anymore…

I dance all the time in the studio just walking from here to there. I can’t walk like a normal human, I just dance or shuffle or make some type of awkward movement. Gina and Andrew have witnessed my dance skills (or lack of) evolve over the past year. I’d say I’m on par with Napoleon Dynamite.

If someone played her in a movie, she’s pretty confident it would be Amy Poehler.

Winona Ryder, oh, wait. No, she isn’t weird enough...OH, AMY POEHLER! If we’re basing it on personality, Amy in Parks and Rec and Tina Fey in 30 Rock are pretty much ME and my life right now.



Her name was Encarnation, I think she was 90 when I was born. Not too many people can say that their Great Grandmothers delivered them.


When she was a child, her dream job was to own an ice cream truck.

My 8th grade yearbook says I wanted to own an ice cream truck called Sprinkles... or be a record producer. Or a yoga instructor. I’ve accomplished the last one, so that leaves two more. I guess being a producer here is pretty close to being a record producer… My LinkedIn profile says I am a Producer in the dairy industry since they don’t offer a haircare option, which is kind of silly.

Her nickname at Hairstory is Pennsyltucky (not to be confused with Pennsatucky).

I’m from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, which is a small town in the northeast of the state. It’s a valley, completely surrounded by mountains, and old coal mining country. The majority of the people who live there are Italian, Irish, Polish and Slovak. It’s very quiet. The food is really good but really bad for you. A lot of people wear camo, drive pickup trucks, listen to country music, hunt and fish.  


She comes from a big family…

I have six siblings: four brothers and two sisters. I’m number five in the line-up. I also have seven nieces and nephews. Each of my parents is one of eight. My dad is Irish-Catholic, and my mom is Filipino, and in both of their cultures, it was pretty standard to have a lot of kids. Every summer my parents host a family reunion and it’s pretty crazy how many people come.

Cat has worked a lot of strange jobs.

I was a swim coach, and worked in a hospital gift shop. I also worked as a water aerobics instructor, a lifeguard, a car wash technician, and a ski lift operator. I managed multiple retail stores at the mall and worked at art supply shops. When I first moved to NYC I worked at a fancy baby boutique in Soho, and a wedding invitation studio in Hoboken. I also had a closet organizing business, and a cupcake company with a few friends called “Get Baked.” I was a nanny, a waitress, a coat-check girl, a cocktail waitress, and a bartender at a dive bar.


Her favorite hair color is Mushroom.

It’s the color I made Nova’s hair, or the color of the Hairstory living room couch. It’s not quite grey or beige. It’s such a strange non-color. I love it!


Her favorite food is a hot dog...

...especially when it’s wrapped in bacon. We've started to have hot dog day at work. It's my favorite day.

For her first Holy Communion gift, she asked for a perm.

Our parents offered us our choice of gifts: a party, a bicycle... I was in second grade at the time and I wanted a perm. Not sure why I preferred a perm over a bike. I remember I was in the salon all day long and I hated the smell of the chemicals.