- Edition 1, Chapter 10.1 -

Hair Talk: Cat 


I’ve taken Cat’s hair blonde before – always somewhere in the platinum family. We decided, as we are transitioning into a new Ayurvedic season, that she should have something a bit richer, while maintaining the brightness of summer. So I toned the roots darker – more grounding – and kept it light throughout. It’s a very sophisticated and beautiful, autumnal blonde.


I used Hair Balm to style Cat’s hair as well as a few spritzes of Undressed. Balm is versatile enough that I could use it for separation, but also for volume at the top. It has enough hold that I could press her hair back against her head and it would stay. After I got the shape I wanted, I went in with Undressed to break up the shape, and give her that piecey texture she loves.


There are very few people whose hair I cut regularly, probably fewer than a half dozen – one of them happens to be Cat. She has this perfect texture; it always looks disheveled in the best sense possible. The combination of her hair texture and Roxie’s amazing color gave me a lot to work with; any decision I made would yield versatility, and great options for Cat. I rarely cut a lot of hair; I simply tweak, changing the bang or cutting some of the length, giving her something new to work with. The combination of New Wash and Undressed give Cat this fantastic texture that can be shaped to her liking.

In the way Beth styled it here – with bangs pinned back and sides swept back – I see the perfect expression of Undressed and the woman who uses it.