- Edition 2, Chapter 8 -


Gina Schiappacasse

A hairstylist friend of mine knew that I was dying to have colored hair, so she referred me to colorist Roxie Darling. Roxie pulled off the most mind-blowing color on my hair, truly unlike anything I had ever imagined. A few final photos attracted the attention of Michael Gordon, who, at the time, was serving as a consultant at Roxie’s salon and so I was invited in for a company presentation. While waiting in the back of the auditorium, a soft-spoken, elegantly dressed Englishman began talking to me. We had a short but memorable conversation, and I was even more impressed after he took the stage to give a powerful presentation about hair and the importance of a hairdresser’s eye. Afterward, moved, but still unaware of who he was, we exchanged business cards.

Michael and I stayed in touch, and when Hairstory began early product testing I became a test subject. Eventually he invited me to be a part of the of the company. I eagerly accepted. Hairstory has offered me such an amazing opportunity to grow creatively and as a person. I am eternally grateful to Michael for the faith he’s put into me and for the culture I have been fortunate enough to be a part of. 

Andrew Rosenberg

I joined Hairstory as Michael's assistant straight out of college. To say I learned more from Michael than all four years at NYU would truly be an understatement. I've learned about entrepreneurship, about life, about compassion; I've learned what it means to be a part of something larger than myself, to be a part of a vision, and to be a force in executing that vision.

I never thought I had an interest in Public Relations until Hairstory. After all, to me PR is storytelling, and how better to tell a story than tell one you truly believe in? I'm lucky to have had many opportunities to speak passionately about this company and what it represents to me: simplicity, transparency, sustainability. And to be honest, it hasn't been hard to convince a single writer or editor; when you walk into the space you feel it, and when you use the products it's epiphanic.

In my new role as our in-house Hairstory Coach, I introduce independent hairdressers all over the country to our culture and our products. Listening to these hairdressers, exchanging our stories, and offering them ways to improve their lives and careers is absolutely thrilling.

Like all of us at Hairstory, I’ve been provided the most inexplicably nurturing environment to learn and grow in what, in Steve Job’s words, is truly a reality distortion field. Michael’s vision has become my vision, and in the coming year, I'm excited for all of you to finally see it unfold.

Meaghan Houck

I came to Hairstory through a chain of events. Cat, prior to working at Hairstory, did my friend's hair for a Diesel Reboot shoot and recommended she go into the studio as a model/intern. Shortly after that, I was brought in. On my first day, I met Michael in the kitchen and he said to me, "So, are you here for looks or talent, or both?" I said both, showed him my Vimeo page, and began my internship the next day. That lasted about four months. Fast-forward to 10 months later, and I was welcomed back as a video and photo editor.

The initial opportunity that Michael gave me as an intern was incredible. I hadn't even finished my first year at Parsons (and was already planning to drop out), but Michael recognized my potential and gave me the drive I'd never had on my own. The opportunity to return, however, was even more incredible and something I am most grateful for. Seriously, when have you heard of a 20-year-old college dropout landing a job in photo/video at a place like this? Every time I think about my progress here, I feel inspired. It's proof that a college degree isn't everything, that skill and talent still matter in the creative industry – that's something you aren't told in art school, and it makes it hard to see your future panning out the way you want it to. I must say, I feel blessed to be here working with the rest of the team.   

Julia handal

After three months of living in New York, I found Hairstory through Instagram and it didn't take long until I emailed the tenth floor. I came to Hairstory at first as an observer with a notebook and pen by my side. I instantly felt a different energy in the studio. It was peaceful, magical, and overwhelming because I'd never seen such a workplace. I was intimidated by everyone’s incredible talents and gifts.

I am very fortunate to have found my path in the color room, and for that I thank Michael. One day, he asked me a question – the right question – "What do you want to do?" I searched my heart and asked myself this question over and over again until I found the answer. I wrote a letter to Roxie expressing that I wanted to learn color. Since then, I've been a color assistant, and every chance I have I thank God for choosing what my heart desires – a place where I can grow and be surrounded by incredible people who are like family working together to create magic.