- Edition 1, Chapter 16 -

If you knew: Roxie Darling

Roxie Darling, our colorist at Hairstory, has a unique perspective on life that permeates her work, and frankly, everything she does. She has been heralded as a rising color star by many beauty publications, and for good reason: Her work is striking and unlike anyone else’s. As she continues to break new ground, take a peek inside Roxie’s mind with a few fun (and little known) facts about the Hairstory “Color Queen.”


Her favorite color is orange (and her hair has been nearly every shade of it).

My favorite color has been orange since I was 10 years old.



She believes that your astrological sign says a lot about the colors that attract you.

When I first meet people, I like to ask what their sign is and what their favorite color is because I think that they go hand-in-hand. I find that people tend to be attracted to colors based on their sign’s element: for example, I’m a Leo, which is a fire sign and we tend to be attracted to warmer tones.



She prefers to keep the walls in her house white.

My apartment is very colorful, but I really like white walls because it allows other colors to live and look bigger.



She rarely wears black.

I had to wear black as a uniform at work for years until I started working at Hairstory. Since then I’ve really been able to develop my personal style, and I now wear color almost exclusively.


She is inspired by artists in many media.

I really like Gustav Klimt whose paintings are very rich and full of spirit; Vali Myers was pretty crazy, but her spirit really inspires me; I recently discovered and love the musician Kate Bush, and the Bauhaus color theorist Johannes Itten. I’ve also recently been introduced to Georgia O’Keefe, and Mark Rothko whose work I would really like to explore more.


She was born on Staten Island, but has lived on both coasts.

For a long time I just wouldn’t tell people where I’m from because there’s such a stigma attached to Staten Island. Now that I’m older, I feel really proud; I’m a real New Yorker.

She thinks that natural hair may just be the next big thing.

I think natural haircolor is going to become more prevalent, and artificial colors will become more subtle. Hair painting is gaining popularity, and it allows color to be more effortless and easier to maintain. However, I think women who love coloring their hair will still continue to do so, and thanks to New Wash, we don’t have to worry about damaging it ever again!